NYSBA Section Dues

50+ Section 1$20/yr
Antitrust Law$30/yr
Business Law$25/yr
Cannabis Law$35/yr
Commercial & Federal Litigation$40/yr
Corporate Counsel$30/yr
Criminal Justice$35/yr
Dispute Resolution$35/yr
Elder Law & Special Needs$30/yr
Entertainment, Arts & Sports Law$35/yr
Environmental & Energy Law$35/yr
Family Law$35/yr
Food, Drug & Cosmetic Law$30/yr
General Practice$25/yr
Health Law$35/yr
Intellectual Property Law$30/yr
Judicial 2$25/yr
Labor & Employment Law$35/yr
LGBTQ+ Law$30/yr
Local & State Government Law$30/yr
Real Property Law$40/yr
Torts, Insurance & Compensation Law$40/yr
Trial Lawyers$40/yr
Trusts & Estates Law$40/yr
Women in Law$30/yr
Young Lawyers 3$20/yr
  1. Attorneys age 50 and over
  2. Limited to Judges of Courts of Record
  3. Law students, and attorneys admitted less than 10 years