October 5, 2018: State Bar Association Approves International Section’s Latin American Council Ethics Guidelines

By Communications Department

The New York State Bar Association’s (NYSBA) Executive Committee has approved Ethics Best Practice Guidelines for Latin America and the Caribbean. Produced by the Latin American Council of NYSBA’s International Law Section, these ethics guidelines are designed to promote uniformity of ethical commitments and expectations for lawyers and law firms working across national borders in the Americas.

“These guidelines will be of great benefit to practitioners in Latin America, the Caribbean and other jurisdictions around the world, and we encourage them to take advantage of this valuable resource,” said NYSBA President Michael Miller. “I want to take this opportunity to commend the hard work of the Latin American Council.”

The guidelines seek to establish a set of common objectives for their adherents and to promote transparency, ethical conduct, and a set of common standards governing legal professionals working across national borders in the Americas. They aspire to promote, advance and support values and principles of ethics, integrity and the rule of law throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

“The guidelines have been many years in the making and their approval represents an important milestone in the development of best practices in Latin America and beyond,” said NYSBA International Section Chair William H. Schrag. “The International Section is grateful to many individuals who spent years working on this project and to the Bar Association as a whole for endorsing it and now promoting it.”

Miller noted that the guidelines are a compilation of ethics best practices that should inform a practitioner’s conduct in regard to ethical issues, and that lawyers practicing in other jurisdictions without clearly articulated ethics rules or guidelines may also find these guidelines useful and informative.

Read Latin American Council Ethics Best Practices Guidelines here.

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