Pre-Pandemic Road Trip and Life As A College Professor | Gold/Fox: Non Billable

By Brendan Kennedy

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Sarah Gold and Michael Fox are back for season 2 of the Gold/Fox: Non-Billable Podcast.

No guest this week, instead, Sarah and Mike interview each other and catch up on how their lives have been impacted by the shutdown and stay-at-home orders.

Sarah recalls her road trip across the southern United States in mid-March right as the novel coronavirus began to cause shutdowns of nonessential businesses across the country. She also talks about some of the work she does with the New York State Bar Association and how her work as a solo practitioner and professor has shifted online.

Michael talks about his work as a professor at Mount Saint Mary’s College and Columbia University, including the study abroad course’s he has co-designed that has brought him to places like Australia, to study the difference in health care systems to mining towns in Pennsylvania, to study the history of workers in America. He also discusses his career transition to becoming a professor, after spending 13 years as a practicing attorney in New York City and the Hudson Valley.

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