President Greenberg on WAMC: Apolitical Administration Of Justice, An American Birthright

By Brandon Vogel

Hank Greenberg Headshot

Politics has no place in our courts.

This was a key message delivered by President Greenberg in his latest WAMC Commentary.

He decries Sen. Chuck Schumer’s criticism of two Supreme Court Justices and the interference of political appointees in the U.S. Justice Department in the Roger Stone case. “Judges, prosecutors and juries are charged with making decisions based on the facts, law and common sense — nothing else,” he said.

“When a leader uses the justice system to punish critics or show leniency to lawbreakers because they are friends or political loyalists, the rule of law is replaced by the law of the leader,” Greenberg said.“Commitment to equal and impartial justice is not a partisan concern.  It is not a Democratic or Republican concern. It is an American concern.”

He concluded, “Assaults on the rule of law strike at the vitals of our nation.  We must, therefore, demand full devotion by our leaders to equal and impartial justice and hold them accountable when they fail to give it. The stakes could not be higher for America’s present and future.”

Listen to his full commentary here.

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