President Greenberg’s Fox News Interview on Legal Rights During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Hank on Fox News

President Greenberg appeared on America’s News HQ with Arthel Neville to discuss the rights people have regarding public health, while discussing the case of the 21 people who tested positive for the coronavirus on a cruise ship off the coast of California.

“The Constitution of the United States confers on them fundamental rights,” said Greenberg. “They cannot have their liberty deprived without due process of law. They cannot be searched. They cannot have their property seized unreasonably. ”

Greenberg said “Society has a right to be kept safe from communicable diseases. But individual liberties are also significant. And how those rights are balanced in the context of what we’re living with, with this particular virus, is a significant legal question.”

He confirmed that individuals do have the right to say no to being quarantined. “And you also ultimately have the right to have an administrative proceeding, a hearing at which the government would have the burden of demonstrating that your continued confinement was necessary to protect the public health,” Greenberg explained.

Greenberg said this, during times like this, it’s important for everyone to maintain calm and balance. “We cannot stigmatize people because they may have the virus or have been exposed to someone who has the virus,” he said.

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