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10 Tips to Help Grow your Practice (2020)

10 Tips to Help Grow your Practice (2020)


You might be a firm of one or one of a hundred, but it's always good to get ideas on what you could be doing better. This program will give you 10 tips for improving your tech and improving your work productivity. It's never too late to learn something new. Remember, it's the practice of law, and we get better the more we practice.


Sarah Gold, Esq. – Gold Law Firm

Non-Member Price: $150.00
Published Date:
  • April 29, 2020
  • Online On-Demand
Product Code:
  • VGW91
Law Practice Management Credit(s):
  • 1.0
Total Credit(s):
  • 1.0
Recorded Date:
  • 50min