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2020 Tech Summit

2020 Tech Summit


*This program is not included in the ALL ACCESS PASS Package*

The program will provide you with the information needed to stay abreast of recent technology innovations, legislation and what tech challenges lie ahead, including: 

  • Tech Skills for Lawyers – 2020 Tips and Tricks for Your Law Practice
  • Understanding New Laws Relative to Technology and Your Practice: What the NY Shield Act Means for Law Firms and Clients
  • Cybersecurity and Working from Home: Ethical Considerations for Lawyers
  • Skills in Remote Lawyering: Working From Home During COVID-19 
  • Pajamas & Professionalism: Standards and Ethics for New Surroundings, New Tech and New Social Media Uses
  • Conducting Virtual Depositions, Court Conferences and Court Hearings: Key Skills for Lawyers
  • Mastering Microsoft Teams and Other Office 365 Tools in Your Law Practice


Paul J. Unger, Affinity Consulting Group

Mark A. Berman, Esq., Ganfer Shore Leeds & Zauderer LLP

Sari Montgomery, Esq., Robinson, Stewart, Montgomery & Doppke LLC

Ronald J. Hedges, Esq., Dentons US

Tarique Collins, Click Therapeutics, Inc.

Patrick J. Burke, Esq., Phillips Nizer LLP

Maura R. Grossman, Esq., Maura Grossman Law

Sarah Gold, Esq., Gold Law Firm

Scott L. Malouf, Esq., Law Office of Scott Malouf

Justice Andrea Masley, New York State Supreme Court, Commercial Division

Jonathan B. Fellows, Esq., Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC

Valerie Buzzell, Office of Court Administration

Ada Chan, Esq., Gardner Weiss & Rosenblum LLP

Non-Member Price: $195.00
Published Date:
  • November 18, 2020
  • Online On-Demand
Product Code:
  • VJK91
Ethics and Professionalism Credit(s):
  • 1.0
Skills Credit(s):
  • 6.0
Total Credit(s):
  • 7.0