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2020 Trial Academy – Introduction of Exhibits

2020 Trial Academy – Introduction of Exhibits

What are exhibits?

Exhibits are anything other than testimony that can be perceived by the senses and presented at the trial or hearing. Exhibits include:

• Real evidence — items you can hold in your hand, such as clothing, weapons, broken shovels etc.

• Demonstrative evidence — evidence that represents or illustrates the real thing such as photos, videos, diagrams, maps, charts

• Records — government or business writings or records, business record exception, hospital records, police reports, payment records

• Writings — evidence other than records that are in writing such as letters, receipts, contracts, promissory notes


What does "laying a proper foundation" mean?

Foundations: Before an exhibit can be offered into evidence in court, a proper foundation must be set forth. We will show the four types of exhibits and how to introduce each properly into evidence.


Moderator: Hon. James G. Clynes, New York County Criminal Court

Laurie Vahey, Esq., Vahey Muldoon Reston Getz, LLP

Carol K. Morgan, Esq., Law Offices of Carol K. Morgan

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Published Date:
  • November 6, 2020
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