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A Pandemic Law Practice: Collaboration, Culture and Security (2020)

A Pandemic Law Practice: Collaboration, Culture and Security (2020)


When preparing for COVID-19 and the potential evacuation of traditional office space, clearly the ability for lawyers and staff to access data is the first and foremost obstacle to tackle. We know we want to leverage technologies we have already developed, perhaps with incremental retooling, to make access to the systems as simple as possible for the entire firm.

But access is only half the equation of what makes your firm special. Efforts to ensure productive collaboration and maintain firm culture are also key focal points to consider during these events. Likewise, as you start to introduce new ways that allow that collaboration and culture to persist, as the physical boundaries of the law firm office space begin to disappear, you also need to address the security concerns that are inherent with that new scenario.


Michael Kraft, Esq. – Kraft Kennedy

Joe Hoegler, Esq. – Kraft Kennedy

Chris Owens, Esq. – Kraft Kennedy

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  • March 31, 2020
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