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Alcohol Monitoring and Sustainable Parent Time

Alcohol Monitoring and Sustainable Parent Time

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This program is designed to give Family Law Professionals specific knowledge on how to manage cases that involves one or both parents being accused of abusing alcohol while parenting child(ren). The program will start with first-hand examples that document Judge Arkin’s and Dr. Sol Rappaport’s knowledge and understanding of the dynamics involved with successful parenting when Alcohol Use Disorder is presented. This course explores the facts around the disease of Alcohol Use Disorder and how it plays into developing parenting plans around child custody decisions and safety. Lastly, consequences will be discussed for non-compliant behavior that maintain parent involvement while keeping the child safe. Ultimately the attendees will leave with an enriched knowledge base of how to implement new technology that meets specific goals of parenting and child safety while maintaining the Best Interest of the Child. 


Why does alcohol monitoring get used/ordered in Family Law Cases?

·        Safety of child(ren)

·        Keep parenting structure as similar as it was prior to divorce – Empower the parent to be involved and not weaponizing the disease of alcohol abuse.

·        Gain trust back – empowerment tool


What are keys to successful alcohol monitoring programs and what leads to failure?

·        Importance of defining roles in the monitoring process. 

·        Testing frequency (Parenting time vs 7 days a week)

·        Keeping these cases out of court

·   Language that helps with contingencies based on testing data

·        Understanding expectations for the tool that you choose.

Scheduled vs Random (depends on the monitoring tool)


Judge Angela R. Arkin – Retired District Court Judge, Colorado

Dr. Sol Rappaport – PhD, ABPP

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  • May 1, 2020
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