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AM2022 The Ethics of Freelance Legal Services

AM2022 The Ethics of Freelance Legal Services


Topics to be Included:

  • What are the Attributes of a Freelance lawyer? What types of services?
  • Review of the Ethical Rules to be observed by the Hiring Lawyer or Firm
  • What Duties of Confidentiality must be observed? What Fiduciary Duties?
  • Conflicts of Interest: What should each side be required to disclose?
  • How to appropriately limit access of the Freelance lawyer to other firm matters
  • Benefits of hiring a Freelance Lawyer
  • Benefits of Being the Freelance Lawyer
  • Does the Freelance lawyer form an attorney client relationship with the underlying client?
  • Confirmation of Independent Contractor Status.
  • Supervisory responsibilities: what should be required ethically?
  • Freelance vs. “unbundled” legal Services
  • Pleadings required in some jurisdictions for limited-scope representation
  • Best Practices to observe in Freelance Services
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Claude E. Ducloux, Board-Certified in both Civil Trial Law and Civil Appellate Law, by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

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Published Date:
  • January 24, 2022
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  • 1.0
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