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Anatomy Of A Music Festival – 2016 Topic 4

Anatomy Of A Music Festival – 2016 Topic 4

Total Credits: 1.00 | Areas of Professional Practice: 1.00

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The popularity of music festivals is becoming a dominating force the music industry.  Live musical performances are revenue earners for festival owners, promoters and artists alike.  For those in attendance, music festivals provide an atmosphere fostering creativity, unity and self-expression, and are also crazy fun.  Before the first set starts, there is extensive planning, administration, and organized execution that goes into putting on your favorite music festival.  This panel deconstructed the components of a music festival and took a look into the business and legalities involved in such a venture.  Discussions included: talent buying and programming; safety and insurance; financial planning and concerns; intellectual property implications; and agreements with talent, staff and sponsors.

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