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Arbitration and Mediation, 2023-24 (eBook)

Arbitration and Mediation, 2023-24 (eBook)

  • Leona Beane, Esq.; Kelly A. Librera, Esq.; Gary P. Shaffer, Esq.

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Contents at a Glance

Arbitration / Arbitration Agreement / Enforceability of Arbitration Agreements / Arbitration Procedure / Application for Stay / Hearing Procedures / Procedure After Decision Is Rendered / Judgment on the Award / Attorney-Client Fee Disputes / Mediation / Alternative Dispute Resolution / Benefits of Mediation / Historical Uses of Mediation / Developing Uses of Mediation in the United States / The Different Types of Mediation / Current Uses of Mediation to Resolve Disputes / Confidentiality and Ethics / Mediation Provisions in Agreements

Product Description

Part of the New York Lawyers’ Practical Skills Series (PSS)

PC: 402424/402424E

This practice guide examines the two most common forms of alternative dispute resolution–arbitration and mediation. Arbitration and Mediation resolves the misconception that these two procedures are interchangeable by discussing their differences and providing examples of both procedures.

Arbitration and Mediation provides useful practice tips on navigating arbitration hearing procedures and describes how mediation is used to resolve disputes.

Recent case law has been added throughout the arbitration section. Commentary in the mediation sections has been revised, and a new section has been added covering "disclosure by the mediator." In addition, case law, statutory cites, and forms have been reviewed and verified to ensure they are good law and are current.

Complete with valuable practice pointers, sample arbitration forms and appendices, this practice guide also includes a set of Downloadable Forms. The 2023-2024 release is current through the 2023 legislative session.

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  • February 1, 2024
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  • 402424E
  • 9781579692599
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