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Ask Me Anything: LinkedIn for Lawyers

Ask Me Anything: LinkedIn for Lawyers

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Thinking of leaving your firm but not sure how to package yourself for the job search? Left your firm to start your own, but uncertain what and how to self-brand on LinkedIn to boost revenue? You never learned this in law school, but now you have to self-market, but how do you catch up? 

In my 13-year LinkedIn consulting practice, I have heard so many reasons that attorneys need to catapult into the world’s predominant business social media, LinkedIn, but did not know where to start, what to say, how to plan their message. Often, they started a profile and left it, only to need to renovate it and relaunch it with new resolve. Their reasons and stories are all fascinating, but the bottom line is you need to be currently active and relevant on LinkedIn, to meet and market to new clients.


Clifford R. Ennico, Esq., Law Offices Of Clifford R. Ennico, Fairfield, CT

Marc W. Halpert, Managing Partner, Connect2Collaborate, Fairfield, CT

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  • December 11, 2023
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