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Auto & Truck Claims, Accidents & Litigation (2019)

Auto & Truck Claims, Accidents & Litigation (2019)

car crash accident on the road

 Agenda Topics:

 Pre-Accident and Post-Accident Investigation 

  •  The Import and Implications of Accident Reconstruction
  •  Fact Discovery
  • Abnormal Conditions
  • Failure of Control

Criminal law that civil lawyers need to know

  • Discussion on How Criminal Proceedings and Findings Can Impact a Civil Proceeding
  • How Are a Party’s Rights Impacted 
  • Penalties or Sanctions

Ethical Issues in MVA cases

  • Representing Multiple Injured Parties
  • Settlements with Guardianships
  • Driver v. Passenger Dilemmas

 Nuts and Bolts of UM and UIM 

  • Basic Concepts for Preserving UM and SUM Coverage
  • Priority of Coverage
  • Petitions to Stay

 Liability Problems: from Spoliation to Distracted Driving 

  • Spoliation of Evidence
  • Texting, Calls and Discovery in Today’s Connected World
  • The Problem with Driver Complacency

Coverage Issues Impacting Automobile Litigation 

  • Coverage Under an Auto, CGL or Both?
  • The Non-Trucking Use Endorsement
  • “Other Insurance” Claims and the Interplay of Coverage Priorities
  •  Minimum Insurance Requirements
  •  Duty to Defend and Exploring Possible Exclusions
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Published Date:
  • October 23, 2019
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  • 2.0
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  • 7.0
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  • 6hr 30min