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Basics of New York City Housing Court

Basics of New York City Housing Court

Learn from experienced practitioners how to successfully navigate the New York City Housing Court including a brief history of the NYC Housing court from both the legal and historical perspectives, challenges related to universal access to representation, illegal lockouts and the housing consequences of criminal justice contacts.


Agenda Topics

  • Legal/Historical Perspective for the NYC Housing Court
  • Housing Consequences of Criminal System Justice Contacts
  • Illegal Lockouts
  • Universal Access to Representation


Shantonu Basu, Esq., NYC

William Bryan, Esq., Brooklyn Defender Services, Bronx

Jordan Dressler, HRA, Office of Civil Justice, NYC

Hon. Clinton J. Guthrie, Housing Court, Civil Court of the City of New York, Queens County, Jamaica

Runa Rajagopal, Esq., The Bronx Defenders, Bronx

Rodrigo Sanchez-Camus, Esq., Northern Manhattan Improvement Corp. (NMIC), NYC

Professor Andrew Scherer, New York Law School, NYC

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Published Date:
  • November 18, 2019
  • Online On-Demand
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