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Business Law Section: 2022 Spring Meeting

Business Law Section: 2022 Spring Meeting

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Emerging Trends in Law – Evolution or Earthquake for NY Business?

Panel 1: The Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”)

A revolution in private company disclosure in the U.S.? How will the CTA affect business in NYS?

Panel 2: Retail Businesses in NY 

Will they fully rebound after the pandemic?

The incoming Chair of the BLS, Tom Pitegoff, would like to give our members the opportunity to learn more on the economic and legal developments in this area. We want to see the role certain industries play in practical terms in NY City and in NYState.

Especially after Covid-19, the real estate market in NY City and NY State is transforming and I was wondering if you are interested in participating at the event as a moderator, interacting with other three panelists about the status of the real estate market in its recent past and future developments. The RE industry affects New York in competitive terms (domestically and internationally) while influencing corporate mobility competition and employee mobility. We would like to create a link between the industry and our regulators and discuss how NYC and NYS will look like in a close future. Do we need our legislators to step in? Do we need to reshare the regulations we have right now? Any other issue you believe is more fundamental related to this topic is really appreciated and NY attorneys will be very grateful.

Panel 3: NYS as an Innovation Hub: Cybersecurity, Fintech, and NFTs

Recent developments and a look ahead for NY.

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Published Date:
  • May 25, 2022
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