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Contract Doctrine and Marital Agreements in New York, Fifth Edition (eBook)

Contract Doctrine and Marital Agreements in New York, Fifth Edition (eBook)

  • Elliott Scheinberg, Esq.

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Contents at a Glance

Agreements in General: Principles of Contract Doctrine / Consideration / Failure to Read an Agreement / Acknowledgments / Merger and Survival of an Agreement / Arbitration / Severability Clauses / DRL § 240(1-b)(h) Opt-Out Recitals From Statutory Child Support / Modification of Contractual Child Support/ Modification of Contractual Spousal Maintenance / Custody, Parenting Time, Religious Upbringing, Artificial Insemination, Name Changes / Pensions and QDROs / Death, Settlement Agreements, and Property Distribution / Agreements to Pay Spousal Maintenance After Remarriage and Death / Third Parties and Third-Party Beneficiaries / Acceleration Clauses, Confidentiality Agreements, Consequential Damages, Lost Profits, and Contractual Interest Rates / Liquidated Damage Clauses / Modification of Agreements / Options / Specific Performance / Reconciliation and Repudiation of Agreements / More…

Product Description

PC: 415923/415923E

Contract Doctrine and Marital Agreements in New York is a unique and invaluable reference for members of both the bench and the bar. This two-volume work addresses virtually every potential issue that might arise in a matrimonial contract and contains a cohesive and comprehensive compilation of governing law and arguments as to both settled and unsettled issues of law.

The author facilitates an understanding of the complex principles and issues surrounding the application of contract doctrine to the matrimonial context and provides enlightening analysis of how courts have interpreted often-used contractual language. His expert insights and easy-to-read writing style, along with reference aids such as the detailed table of contents, table of authorities, and index, make this the perfect "must-have reference" for the bench and matrimonial bar.

“ Mr. Scheinberg's analysis is scholarly, his guidance is practical, and his personal commentary interesting. I enthusiastically recommend this reference work to all who practice, or intend to practice, in the area of matrimonial and family law.”

Hon. Justice Sondra Miller

Chair of the Miller Commission – the Matrimonial Commission

“…this treatise is a work of vast scope and stands both as a piece of superb legal scholarship and as an invaluable resource for lawyers.”

Allan E. Mayefsky, Esq.

Past President, New York Chapter, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

"Mr. Scheinberg's work is a sorely needed, comprehensive, cutting-edge integration of square peg Contract Law into the round hole of legal equities pertaining to families."

Patrick O'Reilly, Esq.

President Emeritus, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers;

Adjunct Professor of Law, SUNY Buffalo

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  • September 11, 2023
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