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Criminal Law and Practice, 2023-24 (eBook)

Criminal Law and Practice, 2023-24 (eBook)

  • Jay Shapiro, Esq.

Contents at a Glance

Attorney Entry / Arraignment/Pretrial Release / Preliminary Proceedings / Pleas and Plea Bargaining / Pretrial Motions and Discovery / Motion to Suppress Statements / Motion to Suppress Evidence of an Identification / Motion to Suppress Physical Evidence / Pretrial Issues / Trial / Sentencing / The Sex Offender Registration Act 

Product Description

Part of the New York Lawyers’ Practical Skills Series (PSS)

PC: 406424/406424E (PSS)

Covering the offenses and crimes that the general practitioner is most likely to encounter, this practice guide addresses pretrial motions, motions to suppress evidence of an identification, motions to suppress physical evidence, pretrial issues, special problems in narcotics cases, and more.

Even if you never handle criminal cases, a current client involved in a criminal matter may well contact you first. Even if you ultimately refer the case to a criminal law specialist, the way you handle the matter initially will leave a lasting impression on your client.

Criminal Law and Practice provides an excellent text of first reference for general practitioners as well as defense attorneys. With its many useful forms and charts, this book will be an invaluable part of your library.

Criminal Law and Practice has undergone a thorough review to ensure that case law and statutory cites remain good law. Recent case law has been added throughout.

This practice guide also includes a set of Downloadable Forms. The 2023-2024 release is current through the 2023 legislative session.

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Published Date:
  • October 26, 2023
  • eBook
Product Code:
  • 406424E
  • 9781579692636
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  • 196 pages