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Definitive Creative Impasse-Breaking Techniques in Mediation (eBook)

Definitive Creative Impasse-Breaking Techniques in Mediation (eBook)

  • Molly Klapper, J.D., Ph.D.

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Contents at a Glance

Impasse Prevention Strategies Prior to and Upon Commencement of the Mediation / Starting Here, Starting Now: Using the Lawyer as Impasse Breaker During the Pre-Mediation Phase / Avoiding Impasse: A Mediator’s Rules to Live By / The Roots of Impasse in the Mind of the Mediator / Addressing Impasse by Helping the Parties / Bloqueo, Ausweglose Situation, Impasse: Culture and Breaking Impasse in Dispute Resolution / Using Emotions in Mediation to Avoid or Get Through Impasse / Blowing Off Steam: Venting as a Catalyst or Impediment to Resolution / “Insulting” First Offers: Why Lawyers Make Them, and How to Respond / When They Want to Walk Out: How to Deal With the Predictable Pitfalls of Positional Bargaining / Changing Faces to Change Positions / Get a Bigger Bang for Fewer Bucks: Pick Meaningful Numbers / Creative Mediated Solutions to Avoid Impasse / More…

Product Description

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Written by leading practitioners, trainers, academicians and judges, Definitive Creative Impasse-Breaking Techniques in Mediation is replete with tips, techniques and tools for breaking impasse in mediation and negotiation. This book is a resource for lawyers who represent clients in mediation and negotiation, general practitioners and other professionals interested in honing their ADR skills. This invaluable reference offers mediation approaches which can be applied to many different situations.

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Published Date:
  • June 1, 2011
  • eBook
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  • 41229E
  • 9781579693245
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  • 480 pages