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Estate Planning and Will Drafting in New York (2023) (eBook)

Estate Planning and Will Drafting in New York (2023) (eBook)

  • Michael E. O'Connor, Esq.

Contents at a Glance

Estate Planning Overview / Federal Estate and Gift Taxation: An Overview / The New York Estate and Gift Tax / Fundamentals of Will Drafting / Marital Deduction/Credit Shelter Drafting / Revocable Trusts / Lifetime Gifts and Trusts for Minors / IRAs and Tax-Qualified Plans / Medicaid and Planning Issues / Estate Planning with Life Insurance / Dealing with Second or Troubled Marriages / Planning for Client Incapacity / Long-Term Care Insurance in New York / Practice Development and Ethical Issues

Product Description

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Estate Planning entails so much more than simply will drafting. It is a well-recognized specialty that is a prominent part of the legal profession. It requires strong business acumen, the technical skills of a tax attorney, and knowledge of real property and decedents’ estate law. It also requires the sensitivity and compassion of a personal adviser.

Written and edited by experienced practitioners, this comprehensive book is recognized as one of the leading estate planning references available to New York attorneys. Estate Planning and Will Drafting in New York is a great resource for novice as well as experienced practitioners alike. Especially valuable are the many real-world examples, practice tips and sample forms.

The 2023 update contains a thorough discussion of the IRS’s major changes in the proposed 401(a)(9) Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs). It also discusses many of the tax, estate, retirement, Medicaid, debtor/creditor, and domestic relations issues associated with individual retirement plans, tax-qualified pension, profit-sharing and stock bonus plans, and 403(b) plans. Includes Downloadable Forms.

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  • September 14, 2023
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