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How Law Firms Can Hire and Retain the “Right” Attorneys

How Law Firms Can Hire and Retain the “Right” Attorneys


This program does not carry MCLE credit. It is intended for informational purposes only.

Hiring the “right” attorneys for your firm is a difficult, time-consuming task. Having those attorneys remain at, and grow with, your firm for the long haul is equally challenging. During this program, they will focus on (1) Recruiting — how to effectively and efficiently recruit attorneys for your specific firm and how to create a meaningful interview process for prospective hires; (2) Business Development — how to provide your attorneys with both the necessary and ideal business development resources to ensure they grow their practices and careers at the firm; and (3) Loyalty – how to build a culture that fosters loyalty within.


Amy Goldstein, Grayson Allen

Randi Rosenblatt, Upward Stride

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Published Date:
  • April 7, 2021
  • Online On-Demand
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  • VKC61