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Human Trafficking Awareness: Tools for Attorneys to Assist Survivors

Human Trafficking Awareness: Tools for Attorneys to Assist Survivors

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While many attorneys may have assisted human trafficking survivors throughout their careers, attorneys may not have even realized their clients were being or had been victimized. That is because human trafficking thrives in the shadows as traffickers manipulate their victims into believing that no one will believe their story, and those involved with “the system”, especially authority figures like attorneys, are not to be trusted. At the same time, there are many myths that are present in the media and on social networks about what human trafficking is. Yet, an attorney can be a lifeline to a survivor who may not be aware of legal remedies available in New York State to aid trafficking victims, as well as services that can be obtained through publicly-funded state providers. This program will assist practitioners in understanding the issue, and become advocates for their clients to exit their trafficking situation and thrive as empowered survivors.


Nora M. Cronin, Oversees the Response to Human Trafficking program at the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance

Cristian Eduardo, A Survivor Leader at Sanctuary for Families and a member of ECPAT-USA's Survivors' Council. Cristian is an advocate, speaker and educator for anti-trafficking initiatives

Caroline A. Fish, Third-year associate at DLA Piper LLP where she focuses her pro bono practice on representing human trafficking survivors and other survivors of violence

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  • February 24, 2021
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