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Insurance Law Practice, 2019 Revision

Insurance Law Practice, 2019 Revision

  • John M. Nonna, Esq.; Christopher W. Healy, Esq.

2019 Revision for Past Purchasers only

Key Benefits:

•Learn how to identify and understand the terms of an insurance policy

•Become familiar with several types of insurance, including automobile, fire and property, title, aviation and space

•Gain the confidence and knowledge to skillfully represent either an insurer or insured, whether during the policy drafting stage or a claim dispute

Product Description:

Practitioners will benefit from this compilation of the vast hands-on and litigation experience of its dozens of contributing authors and editors. This two-volume title covers many insurance-related topics; including general principles of insurance contracts, contract litigation, types of insurance policies, and other issues.

Insurance Law Practice, Third Edition is an invaluable reference for attorneys who practice insurance law in New York State.

Table of Contents and Author Biographies

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Table of Contents:
Published Date:
  • August 1, 2019
  • Supplement - Book
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  • 512519
  • 9781579695545
Page Count:
  • 1,612 pages