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International Litigation Basics 2019

International Litigation Basics 2019

The pace of globalization has led to more cross-border disputes than ever before. A dispute may be capable of being heard in more than one jurisdiction, and there may be pros and cons to each. Differences in evidence collection, substantive laws, and court practice require international lawyers to recognize a different set of priorities and to be aware of numerous traps for the unwary. Add to this differing standards of evidence production and legal ethics, and international litigation can become a minefield for the unwary. Learn how to spot and identify many of the important issues at the beginning of a case and how strategic legal decisions can impact the outcome of a case many years after the initial decision.



Neil A. Quartaro, Esq.

Jay G. Safer, Esq.

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Published Date:
  • June 17, 2019
  • Online On-Demand
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  • VFW34_10
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  • 1.0
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  • 1.0