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Is America Fulfilling Its Promise? Safeguarding Protections-Immigrants (eBook)

Is America Fulfilling Its Promise? Safeguarding Protections-Immigrants (eBook)

  • Scott Fein, Esq.; Rose Mary Bailly, Esq.

Product Description:

Whether it is through the national press, social media or numerous other sources, the American people are aware of the human faces of our contentious, and often heart-rending, national debate over immigration policy and enforcement, a debate that not only revolves around complex, difficult issues but also raises the fundamental humanitarian question of how a nation built by immigrants can and should treat those who come here seeking a better life.

Containing 19 chapters on all aspects of immigration law, this book explores the sharp contrast between the policies in place in New York State and the anti-immigrant policies implemented by the current administration in Washington.

In addition to examining and evaluating immigration policy and law, this book also points the way for our nation to return to the source of its strengths: pluralism, tolerance and diversity. It draws on the combined efforts of dedicated jurists, law professors, legal service organizations, lawyers and law enforcement to address today’s immigration challenges in a constructive, humane way. Though primarily written by lawyers, the book is not just for the legal community. Public officials will find insightful information here, as will any American committed to the rule of law. This book shows how a great country can and must do better.

"This books shows how much more our nation has to do in order to provide immigrants a safe, legal path to citizenship or, if they prefer, a right to work here for a specified time."

Rose Mary Bailly, co-editor

"The struggle to develop a sound, sustainable and humane immigration system merits examination. We are hopeful this book will inform that discussion."

Scott Fein, co-editor

"We can no longer accept that the greatest, richest country in the world is taking children from their parents."

Hank Greenberg, 2019-20 NYSBA President

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Published Date:
  • September 1, 2019
  • eBook
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  • 42619E
  • 9781579695552
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  • 362 pages