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Legal Ethics of AI Use by Attorneys

Legal Ethics of AI Use by Attorneys

Legal Ethics of AI Use by Attorneys_675

Topics to Include:

a.    Duty of Competency (ABA Model Rules/NY Rules MRPC 1.1 and N.Y.R.P.C. 1.1, Comment [8])

b.   Confidentiality (N.Y.R.P.C. 1.6(a) (c) and MRPC 1.6(a); Ethics Opinions)

c.    Duty of Supervision (paralegals/junior attorneys N.Y.R.P.C. 5.1; DR 1-104)

d.   Conflicts of Interest 


Hon. Ronald J. Hedges, Former, United States Magistrate Judge United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, Principal, Ronald J. Hedges LLC

Hon. Tanya R Kennedy, Appellate Division, First Department, New York State Supreme Court, New York, NY

Marissa J. Moran, J.D., Professor, Department of Law & Paralegal Studies, CUNY – New York City College of Technology Brooklyn, NY

Non-Member Price: $100.00
Published Date:
  • September 18, 2023
  • Online On-Demand
Product Code:
  • VMW71
Ethics and Professionalism Credit(s):
  • 1.0
Total Credit(s):
  • 1.0