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Making a Modern Constitution: The Prospects for Constitutional Reform (eBook)

Making a Modern Constitution: The Prospects for Constitutional Reform (eBook)

  • Rose Mary Bailly, Esq.; Scott N. Fein, Esq.

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New York State Begins: The First State Constitution, 1777 / We the People / Constitutional Change in New York State: Process and Issues / Constitutional Revision in the Empire State: A Brief History and Look Ahead / Constitutional Revision in New York: The Democracy Agenda / The Option of a Constitutional Commission to Drive Reform in the 21st Century / Executive Branch: Need to Ensure Stability and Legitimacy in Issues of Succession to the Offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor / Positive Rights in the New York State Constitution: Social Welfare and Education / Constitutional Debt Restraint / Constitutional Debt Restraint / Should the Indebted Support a State Constitutional Amendment to Restrict Public Authority Borrowing? / New Frontiers for New York Constitutional Finance Law in the Twenty-first Century / Safe at Home: Considering a Right to Counsel in Civil Cases as a State Constitutional Matter / NYSBA Report and Recommendations Concerning Constitutional Home Rule / Strengthening Enforcement of New York State’s Constitutional Rights: Is a Constitutional Convention the Right Forum? / The Political Conundrum Underlying the Referendum for a Constitutional Convention in New York

Product Description

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The New York State Constitution, anticipating periodic need for change, contains a procedure to allow the fundamental precepts of government to be reconsidered by the public and reshaped every 20 years. That opportunity, in the form of a statewide referendum asking whether a constitutional convention is warranted, last occurred in 2017.

Consisting of substantive chapters written by experts in their fields, Making a Modern Constitution: The Prospects for Constitutional Reform in New York examines the history, potential benefits and pitfalls of a state constitutional convention.

Edited by Rose Mary Bailly and Scott N. Fein, Making a Modern Constitution is the result of work by a coalition that includes the Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, the Government Law Center of Albany Law School, the League of Women Voters, the Benjamin Center at SUNY New Paltz, and the Siena College Research Institute, in collaboration with the New York State Bar Association.

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  • September 30, 2016
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  • 4106E
  • 9781579694975
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  • 456 pages