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Music Business Basics – Publishing / Recording / Sampling

Music Business Basics – Publishing / Recording / Sampling

2017 – Topic 2

1.0 Credit in Areas of Professional Practice and is approved for credit for both experienced attorneys and newly admitted attorneys (admitted to the New York Bar for less than two years).

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Music Business Basics – Publishing / Recording / Sampling 
This panel will covered basic concepts of publishing and recording agreements, including how sampling fits into those realms, along with a discussion of the role of a talent agent for a band.  Sample agreements were provided.  

Ralph DePalma, Esq., Pryor Cashman LLP (Moderator)
Keith Hauprich, Esq., General Counsel & Senior Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs, BMG-North America
Natalia Nastaskin, Esq., Head of US Music Operations, United Talent Agency
Joseph Lloyd Serling, Esq., Partner, Serling Rooks Hunter McKoy & Worob LLC
Andrew G. Tavel, Esq., Tavel & Shulman, P.C.

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Areas Of Professional Practice Credit(s):
  • 1.0
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  • 1.0