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New York Contract Law: A Guide for Non-New York Attorneys (eBook)

New York Contract Law: A Guide for Non-New York Attorneys (eBook)

  • Glen Banks, Esq.

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Contents at a Glance

New York Contract Law / A Contract Governed By New York Law / Contract Formation / Reasons Why a Court May Refuse to Enforce a Contract / Giving Meaning to Contract Language / Conditions and Implied Terms / Repudiation / Termination / Assignment / Performance and Breach / Excuse / Damages / Particular Agreements and Clauses / Counsel’s Work on a Transaction Governed by New York Law

Product Description

PC: 4172/4172E

New York Contract Law: A Guide for Non-New York Attorneys is an invaluable reference allowing the practitioner to quickly and easily gain an understanding of New York Contract Law. Many contracts involving parties outside the United States contain New York choice-of-law clauses and, until now, the foreign practitioner had no practical, authoritative reference to turn to with questions regarding New York law. New York Contract Law: A Guide for Non-New York Attorneys fills this void. In addition to lawyers outside the United States, this book will also benefit lawyers within the United States whose practice includes advising clients regarding contracts governed by New York law.

Written by Glen Banks, Esq., a recognized authority on contract law with more than 35 years' experience, this book is presented in an easy-to-read question-and-answer format to allow easy access to a wide array of topics. All aspects of contract law are covered, from the basic requirements of a valid contract to a contract's termination, assignment or repudiation. Particular agreements and clauses are discussed as well as the role of counsel when working on a transaction governed by New York law. Resources for further study and to keep up on changes in New York law are also provided.

“All told, a genuine gift to those in search of the ready, reliable New York contract law answer, whether they are located in, or beyond, our state’s borders.”

From the Foreword by Judith S. Kaye,

Former Chief Judge of the State of New York

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Published Date:
  • November 30, 2015
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  • 4172E
  • 9781579694136
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  • 622 pages