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NYSBA Arbitration and Mediation Annotated/Automated Forms

NYSBA Arbitration and Mediation Annotated/Automated Forms


Product Description


Intro Member Price: $150 / Intro Non-Member Price: $200

Intro Pricing ends June 30, 2024

A package of 14 Annotated/Automated Arbitration and Mediation forms from the New York Lawyers' Practical Skills Series. See details in the Table of Contents below.

NYSBA Annotated/Automated Forms make form drafting more efficient than ever and are designed to save time, eliminate the need for repetitive typing and cutting and pasting, and reduce the risk of error.

The NYSBA Arbitration and Mediation Annotated/Automated Forms include frequently asked questions for basic guidance when completing the forms.

  • Cloud-based access requires no software download.
  • Intuitive design that guides the user through the form questionnaire.
  • Eliminates the need for repetitive typing, cutting, and pasting, along with the risk of errors that often accompany traditional form completion. 
  • Preview how the completed form will look as you progress through the form.
  • Generate completed forms in .rtf, .docx, or .pdf to print, download, or email. 

An email confirmation with instructions on how to access your forms will be sent to your email address after purchase. Purchase of this product includes a one-year license to access the forms. NYSBA Annotated/Automated Forms are nonrefundable once purchased. Questionnaires can be run on most supported browsers on any desktop platform, including Mac and Windows. Questionnaires cannot currently be displayed on mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) or on Firefox.

Non-Member Price: $395.00
Table of Contents:
Published Date:
  • May 22, 2024
  • Forms
Product Code:
  • 6AMED24
Form Count:
  • 14 forms