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Post-Trial Practice And Procedures

Post-Trial Practice And Procedures

  • Dennis P. Glascott, Esq.

Product Description:

The end of the trial is not necessarily the end of the civil litigation process. Post-Trial Practice and Procedures is the comprehensive guide to dealing with complex post-trial issues. The authors—experienced trial attorneys and an appellate justice—cover everything from challenging verdicts before and after the jury has been discharged, to post-verdict setoffs, to understanding the interest categories on damage awards and money judgments.

Contents at a Glance:

• Addressing Defective Verdicts While the Jury is Empaneled

• Post-Trial Motion Practice – Challenging the Verdict after the Jury Has Been Discharged

• Collateral Sources and No-Fault Insurance

• Interest on Damage Awards and Money Judgments

• Appellate Considerations for Post-Trial Motions to Set Aside a Jury Verdict

• Post-Trial Motions: A View from the Bench

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Published Date:
  • January 1, 2010
  • Book
Product Code:
  • 4175
  • 9781579692958
Page Count:
  • 242 pages