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Power of Attorney 2021 (Word)

Power of Attorney 2021 (Word)


NYS Statutory Short Form Power of Attorney (Word Version)

New York State recently reformed the statutory short form power of attorney for purposes of financial and estate planning, effective June 13, 2021. The changes are designed to simplify the POA form, allow for substantially compliant language as opposed to exact wording, provide safe-harbor provision for good-faith acceptance of an acknowledged POA, and allow sanctions for those who unreasonably refuse to accept a valid POA. In addition, there are also a number of technical amendments.

Product Features:

  • This version of the New York State Statutory Power of Attorney is formatted using Microsoft Word.
  • Users simply utilize the tab key to enter information into the fields included.
  • Suggested language for permissible modifications is provided in a separate document and may be copied and pasted into the Power of Attorney form.
  • Frequently Asked Questions are provided to assist with the user experience along with an introduction articulating basic guidance for the form.

Read Frequently Asked Questions Here

Assembly Bill A5630A (S3923) which reforms the New York Statutory Short Form Power of Attorney was signed by the governor on 12/15/2020 as L. 2020, ch. 323. A subsequent chapter amendment (S888/A2353) was signed into law on 3/25/2021 as L. 2021, ch. 84. Please view title 15 of the General Obligations law for general information on executing a power of attorney.

This product is available in electronic format only, and can be accessed for instant use after purchase. Your downloadable forms package remains accessible for up to a year in your NYSBA Account. For continued use, please save to your hard drive. Downloadable items are nonrefundable.

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Published Date:
  • May 21, 2021
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  • 6PA2021