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Practitioner’s Handbook for Appeals to the Appellate Division, Third Ed. (eBook)

Practitioner’s Handbook for Appeals to the Appellate Division, Third Ed. (eBook)

  • Hon. Alan D. Scheinkman

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Contents at a Glance

Jurisdiction and Background / Taking and Perfecting a Civil Appeal / Taking and Perfecting a Criminal Appeal / The Brief and Argument / Concluding the Appeal/ Motions

Key Benefits

Concise summary benefits new practitioners, practical insights benefit all practitioners

Rely on the expertise of Judge Scheinkman and the CCAJ reviewers

Covers practice after the adoption of the Practice Rules of the Appellate Division 

A great overview for taking an appeal in any of the four Departments

Product Description

PC: 401421/401421E

Written by Hon. Alan D. Scheinkman and reviewed by members of the NYSBA Committee on Courts of Appellate Jurisdiction (CCAJ), Practitioner's Handbook for Appeals to the Appellate Division of the State of New York, Third Edition, is an invaluable guide for handling appeals to the four Appellate Divisions. It covers all aspects of taking a civil or criminal appeal to the New York State Appellate Division, including panel assignments and calendaring, correcting defects, cross appeals and joint appeals, and 'poor person' appeals.  

The taking and the perfecting of a civil or criminal appeal includes meeting inflexible time requirements, getting the record and briefs together, and bringing the appeal to argument or submission. The Practice Rules of the Appellate Division came into effect after the release of the extremely popular second edition, but important nuances still exist between Departments. The third edition covers these changes as well as other important developments. 

In addition to comprehensive coverage of the substantive law and procedural requirements for handling appeals, the author and reviewers provide practical advice as to the best methods of appellate practice. In addition to members of the CCAJ, the clerks from each of the four Appellate Divisions reviewed manuscript drafts and provided important insights into the practices of their respective courts, making this book an even more valuable reference. 

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Published Date:
  • June 22, 2021
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  • 401421E
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  • 186 pages