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Protecting the Catastrophically Injured P.I. Plaintiff’s Recovery (eBook)

Protecting the Catastrophically Injured P.I. Plaintiff’s Recovery (eBook)

  • Michael W. Kessler, Esq.

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Contents at a Glance

What Are the Considerations in Placing a Catastrophically Injured Plaintiff’s Recovery? / Annuity-backed Structured Settlements / Annuity-backed Structure Benefits / Annuity-backed Structure Risks / Summary of the Annuity-backed Structured Settlement / Methods to Increase Benefits and Reduce the Risks of Annuity-backed Structures / Minimum Guaranteed Total Payouts / Commutation Language / Other Structure Considerations / Plaintiff’s Attorneys’ Rights and Responsibilities / Defense Obligations / Alternatives to Annuity-Backed Structures / Summary of the Options / What Questions Should Plaintiff’s Counsel (and a Court) Ask When Considering the Options Available for the Plaintiff’s Recovery?

Product Description

PC: 42230/42230E

This handy book, a must-have for personal injury attorneys, provides the most current insights into the field of structured settlements for catastrophically injured plaintiffs. This reference is authored by Michael Kessler, Esq., whose practice since 1990 has been exclusively devoted to representing plaintiffs who have suffered catastrophic injuries.

The author, who has been writing about and lecturing on this topic since 2003, takes into consideration the changes in the market that have affected the daily subsistence and future incomes of catastrophically injured personal injury plaintiffs. Whereas previously the market could always be depended on to provide reliable returns that sustained plaintiffs'- recoveries, the events of 2008-2009 forced personal injury attorneys to take a fresh look at how to help clients provide for their future needs.

This book draws from Mr. Kessler's experience with large recoveries, his personal research into this topic and on the opinions of other qualified professionals. The result is a compact and helpful summary of the options available for securing the current and future needs of catastrophically injured personal injury plaintiffs.

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Published Date:
  • June 1, 2010
  • eBook
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  • 42230E
  • 9781579692931
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  • 82 pages