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Real Estate Titles: The Practice of Real Estate Law in New York (Print & eBook)

Real Estate Titles: The Practice of Real Estate Law in New York (Print & eBook)

  • Adam Leitman Bailey, Esq.; Michael J. Berey, Esq.;

Real Estate Titles: The Practice of Law in New York (Real Estate Titles, 4th edition) is an invaluable resource for all real estate professionals. Written and edited by many of the leading real estate practitioners, this book updates and expands on the landmark publication Real Estate Titles, edited by Jim Pedowitz. Real Estate Titles is the most successful reference ever published by the New York State Bar Association, and the expanded coverage of this edition will make this book even more valuable.  

All aspects of real estate transactions are covered: from the nature of title and estates in New York to deeds, contracts of sale and real estate financing. The comprehensive coverage of this landmark book’s 34 chapters is without equal. See the table of contents for a complete list of topics. 

Every chapter in this edition has been reviewed and updated. Additional chapters have been included because of their importance to real property transactions. All practitioners will benefit from this publication, from the beginning real estate practitioner to those dealing with the most complex issues. Periodic updates will make this a great resource for many years to come.

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  • May 20, 2020
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