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Representing the Personal Injury Plaintiff in New York, 2020-21

Representing the Personal Injury Plaintiff in New York, 2020-21

  • Patrick J. Higgins, Esq.

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Intake Up to Accepting the Case / Why Represent an Injured Client? / How to Evaluate the Case / The Retainer Agreements and Required Records / Referral Fee-Sharing Agreements / Investigating the Case / Substantive Law of Personal Injury / Litigating the Medical Malpractice Case / Products Liability Action / Premises Liability Action / Automobile Negligence Case / The Municipal Liability Case / Litigating a Tort Case Against New York State / Pleadings and Serving Process / Discovery / The Summary Judgment Motion / Resolving Common Settlement Issues / How To Resolve Liens and Claimed Rights of Reimbursement / Common Medical Evidence Issues at Trial / The Foundation for Expert Opinion on Summary Judgment and at Trial / Trial Evidence Developments / Trial / Post-Trial and Appeal Process / Damages

Product Description

PC: 4191921/4191921E (PSS)

Covering the many facets of plaintiffs personal injury practice, this practice guide addresses the substantive law of personal injury practice, the automobile negligence case, liens, insurance law, pleadings, discovery, trial techniques, and more.

Written by Patrick J. Higgins, Esq., Representing the Personal Injury Plaintiff in New York is a practical reference guide to the many facets of personal injury practice. The author offers practical advice on the client interview; evaluating the case; retainer requirements; contingency fees; liens; and investigating the case, including how to find and preserve evidence. Coverage of the substantive law includes common law theories as well as statutory causes of action.

The title analyzes claims in medical malpractice, products liability, premises liability and automobile negligence actions, as well as claims against municipalities and the state. The author's clear guidance provides the practitioner with a good starting point in handling personal injury matters. With many new forms and checklists, this edition is an invaluable resource.

This practice guide also includes a set of Downloadable Forms. The 2020-2021 release is current through the 2020 legislative session.

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  • December 21, 2020
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  • 4191921
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