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The New Power of Attorney: What Lawyers Need to Know

The New Power of Attorney: What Lawyers Need to Know


When does it go into effect? What changes were made? Are there new witnessing requirements? Who must accept and penalties for non-acceptance? What does this means for you and your clients? David Goldfarb will give overview of key updates on the new power of attorney law and what lawyers need to know. During this 50 minute program you will receive an overview of key areas. Get the answers you need to effectively represent your clients.

Learn about these topics and more

Elimination of the exact wording requirement

Elimination of the Statutory Gifts Rider

Changes to the statutory short form

Changes to the construction sections of the statute

Requirements for acceptance by third parties

Penalties for unreasonable non-acceptance

Signing by another at the direction of a principal

New witnessing requirements

When you need to start using the new form and the status and enforceability of existing forms

Non-Member Price: $150.00
Published Date:
  • December 18, 2020
  • Online On-Demand
Product Code:
  • VKA11
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  • 1.0
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  • 1.0