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The Practice Of Criminal Law Under The CPLR, Sixth Edition

The Practice Of Criminal Law Under The CPLR, Sixth Edition

  • Hon. Edward M. Davidowitz

Key Benefits:

• Readily obtain information regarding rules applying to criminal law practice that are found in statutes governing civil procedure

• Understand the rules of evidence covering topics such as business documents, privileged communications or expert witness testimony

Product Description:

The sixth edition of The Practice of Criminal Law under the CPLR provides amendments and additional relevant case and statutory law in almost every chapter. The chapter on “Rules of Evidence” was completely revised, expanding its discussions of privileges and provisions in civil case and statutory law relevant to rules of evidence in criminal trials and proceedings.

Many attorneys whose practices consist solely of criminal matters are unfamiliar with the precise rules that apply to civil actions. Moreover, many of those rules are scattered throughout New York's Penal Law, Criminal Procedure Law and other statutes, and are difficult to find without the aid of an organizational reference. This book solves this problem by pulling together in an orderly, logical way the rules and provisions of law concerning jurisdiction, evidence, motion practice, contempt proceedings and article 78 and habeas corpus applications, none of which are covered in the CPL or the Penal Law.

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Published Date:
  • May 1, 2013
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  • 40699
  • 9781579693792
Page Count:
  • 230 pages