Robert Masters | Common Sense Changes To NY’s Bail & Discovery Reform Law, The Zodiac Killer and More | Miranda Warnings

By Miranda Warnings


Robert Masters, chair of the New York State Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Section, joins David to talk about the controversial bail and discovery law reforms recently enacted by the New York State Legislature.

Masters, who served as Executive Assistant District Attorney in Queens County for 30 years, talks about how the arcane and aged court system in New York led to the setting of bail for low-level crimes and the unintended consequences that those decisions had on individuals.

The conversation then moves to a discussion regarding the Bail and Discovery Reform Law that was passed in New York State in April 2019 and went into effect on January 1, 2020. They discuss how the desire to close the Rikers Island jail facilities and limiting the number of people being held pretrial was the impetus for bail reform.

The conversation then moves to Masters’ involvement in apprehending the ‘Zodiak Killer,’ one of the most notorious murder cases in United States history.

They then close the conversation by talking about the Commission on Prosecutorial Misconduct, which oversees District Attorneys and their offices work to ensure ni impropriety is taking place.

Miranda Warnings is hosted by NYSBA’s 118th President David Miranda.

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