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New York State Legislative Information

To view a bill for which you already have a bill number, follow the link above, input the bill number in the box marked “bill number”; then click “status.”  This will display the bill status.  To view the bill text and sponsor’s memo click the boxes next to “Text” and “Sponsors Memo” and then click “Search.”

You can view weekly legislative committee agendas for the Assembly and Senate using these links:  Assembly agendas or Senate agendas, which will display the list of agendas that are currently available for the house you selected.  Many of the issues that impact on the practice of law can be found in the Judiciary or Codes Committees in both houses of the Legislature.

NOTE: Committee agendas are usually published beginning on the Friday preceding the the date on which a committee meets.  A best practice is to check the list of agendas in the days leading up to the committee meeting to ensure you have the most up to date information. Perform a “keyword” search for legislation at this link or this link and follow the directions on the landing page.

United States Congress Legislative Information – “Thomas” (Library of Congress)

You can search for bills in either the United States House of Representatives or Senate by following the link above.  To search by word/phrase, input your search terms in the search box and ensure that you have selected  the “Word/Phrase” search option.  To search by bill number, input the bill number in the search box and ensure that you have selected the “Bill Number” search option.  When you have entered your search information click the “Search” button to view your search results.

You can also search for bills by bill sponsor using the above link.  To do so select the sponsor’s name from the drop down lists beneath the search box.

You can learn more about Congressional Legislative Committees by using the following links: House of Representatives Legislative Committees and Senate Legislative Committees.