Sherry Levin Wallach: NYSBA Is Helping Members Better Serve Clients

By David Alexander

November 5, 2022

Sherry Levin Wallach: NYSBA Is Helping Members Better Serve Clients


By David Alexander

The New York State Bar Association is positioned for a bright, exciting future as the association helps its members better serve clients.

That was the message delivered by NYSBA President Sherry Levin Wallach in her remarks to members of the association’s House of Delegates on Saturday, the first such meeting held at the Bar Center in Albany since 2019.

Levin Wallach touched on topics ranging from the association’s strong standing throughout the country and the world to the exponential rate of change in digital technology. She also spoke about access to justice for unrepresented individuals and the association’s upcoming Annual Meeting.

“The New York State Bar Association is a shining star in the world of bar associations, and our own work here at NYSBA becomes more influential when we collaborate with other organizations,” Levin Wallach said.

She noted how the association sponsored four successful resolutions at the Annual Meeting of the American Bar Association this past August.

Meanwhile, Levin Wallach spoke about the NYSBA Annual Meeting that will be held Jan. 18 to 21 at the New York Hilton Midtown for the first time since 2020 with virtual programming complementing the in-person agenda. The Presidential Summit will focus on mental health and well-being within the legal profession and the challenges attorneys face when representing clients living with trauma and mental illness.

In addition, the Presidential Gala is set for Jan. 20 at the Rainbow Room. The event will be highlighted by the presentation of the Gold Medal Award to Sherrilyn Ifill, senior fellow at the Ford Foundation and former president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Wednesday’s President’s Reception will be a “Celebration of Diversity.”

From a broader perspective, Levin Wallach discussed how in-person programming will be accompanied by the expansion of the Virtual Bar Center as the association dives into the Metaverse so it can position itself in the digital space to offer cutting-edge benefits to its members.

Levin Wallach went on to say that she was looking forward to a continued good relationship with the Unified Court System and the next chief judge. She also mentioned the association’s advocacy for a statewide increase in assigned counsel rates. Increasing assigned counsel rates, which have not been raised in 18 years outside of New York City, would attract much-needed attorneys to represent children and indigent adults.

Levin Wallach added how NYSBA leadership internationally is enhanced by its partner, the Global Accountability Network, to help people in the Ukraine and to hold the Russian Federation accountable for any acts deemed to be war crimes. She also noted how NYSBA continues to pursue memoranda of understanding with bar associations from around the globe to connect attorneys no matter where they may work or practice.

Levin Wallach concluded her remarks by acknowledging how the association has impacted her professionally.

“My professional success is in large part due to my experience within the New York State Bar Association, and I will not waver in my commitment to help other attorneys grow as leaders here at NYSBA. I know that you, the members of our House of Delegates, feel the same.”

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