Statement From State Bar President Henry M. Greenberg Urging President Trump to Invoke Defense Production Act

By Dan Weiller

Statement From State Bar President Henry M. Greenberg Urging President Trump to Invoke Defense Production Act

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Today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo continued to demonstrate his outstanding leadership during this time of crisis. As he updated New Yorkers on the latest information, he urged, in the strongest possible terms, for the President to take swift and decisive actions and for our Congressional delegation to continue to fight for New York in these critical hours.

Specifically, he asked for the Federal Government to invoke the Defense Production Act (DPA). This 1950-era law allows for the government to mandate companies do something to assist in the fight. New York companies and industries, including the fashion industry, have voluntarily stepped-up to offer production of masks and hospital gowns. This is the true spirit of New Yorkers – to help one another. But, given the magnitude of this crisis, we need additional output which can only be achieved through mandated production of critical equipment.

Additionally, at the federal level, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) needs to act swiftly to erect federal hospitals in critical areas in NY. These testing facilities and beds are urgently needed.

In addition, federal funding needs to flow to the most critical states. In this case, this is New York. As of today, NY has 15 times the number of cases of any other state.

On behalf of the New York State Bar Association, and the over 70,000 members, I implore our country’s elected leadership to take these actions to meet the life-and-death needs of New Yorkers.

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