Statement Regarding the Death of George Floyd and Its Aftermath

By Susan DeSantis


“The death of George Floyd and its aftermath present a rule of law challenge and crisis. Government officials bear a grave and immense responsibility to comport themselves judiciously and with respect for all concerned in their every word and deed. Now is a time for our government to bring the nation together, not foment further division and despair.”

“The videos showing Mr. Floyd’s last moments alive are ghastly and heartbreaking. The officer whose knee was pressed against Mr. Floyd’s neck for close to nine minutes has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. The Constitution affords an accused with the presumption of innocence and other rights. Mr. Floyd was entitled to those rights, as is the officer who has now been charged with serious crimes.”

“Understandably, outraged citizens are exercising the right to protest and express their anger and grief in the public square. In a nation governed by laws, however, no one has the right to loot and engage in acts of violence to persons and property. Lawlessness — either by law enforcement officials or private citizens — cannot be countenanced.”

Henry M. Greenberg, President
Scott M. Karson, President-Elect

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