The District Attorney From An ‘Anarchist Jurisdiction’ with Michael Schmidt | Gold/Fox: Non-Billable

By Brendan Kennedy

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Michael Schmidt, the newly elected district attorney for Portland, Oregon joins the show to talk about, his path to the law, growing up in upstate New York, and what it’s like being deemed an ‘Anarchist Jurisdiction’ by the Department of Justice within the first few months on the job.

Schmidt is the newly elected District Attorney of Multnomah County in Oregon. The largest city in that county is Portland, which has been thrust into the national spotlight with how they are managing protests that began in response to the killing of George Floyd in May.

He talks about his upbringing in Weedsport, New York, and how he went from being a teacher in New Orleans to law school in Oregon and ultimately being elected District Attorney.

He dispels myths and conspiracies that circulate about some of his policies and how he dealt with campaigning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gold/Fox: Non-Billable is hosted by NYSBA members Sarah Gold and Michael Fox.

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