‘True Crimes & Misdemeanors: The Investigation of Donald Trump’ with Jeffrey Toobin | Miranda Warnings

By Brendan Kennedy

David Miranda host of Miranda Warnings

Bestselling author and CNN Legal Analyst Jeffery Toobin discusses his book ‘True Crimes & Misdemeanors,’ a real-life legal thriller about the prosecutions and congressional investigators pursuing the truth about Donald Trump’s complicity in several crimes — and why they failed.

Toobin discusses some of the decisions made by key players involved with the Russia investigation including; James Comey, Robert Mueller, Bill Barr, and Rudy Giuliani, one of whom, in Toobin’s view, committed one of the greatest failures of lawyering in American history.

Buy ‘True Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Investigation of Donald Trump, here. – https://www.amazon.com/True-Crimes-Misdemeanors-Investigation-Donald/dp/0385536739

Miranda Warnings is hosted by NYSBA’ 118th President David Miranda.

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