Your Computers Might Be Hacked Without Your Knowledge!

By JDL Group

Your Computers Might Be Hacked Without Your Knowledge!


Breaches have become so widespread that a common saying in cybersecurity today is: “there are two kinds of companies: those that have been breached and know it and those that have been breached and don’t know it.” This is true for attorneys and law firms as well as other businesses and enterprises. Law firms face huge challenges to keep up with the rapid development of technology which provide opportunities for the misuse of both the internet and computers for commercial gain, reconnaissance, or other criminal purposes.

As data controllers, law firms handle substantial amounts of confidential and sensitive data, as well as vast amounts of client funds and funding information. The legal sector is increasingly reliant on technology to conduct its day-to-day activities. However, many law firms have been slow to put cybersecurity controls in place, and as a result are falling victim to a range of malicious cyber activity.

The global pandemic crisis forever changed the security landscape. Suddenly the workforces of entire companies went remote last year. Most organizations will not be returning to office-based working on the same level as before. While users are more and more distributed, the resources they use like servers in the office, computers at home, cloud-based applications like Office 365, GSuite, Email, Salesforce, HubSpot, and home-office wi-fi networks need to be secured. As per the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2020, most data breaches that occurred in 2020 were due to stolen passwords, phishing, and social engineering attacks, which shows the essentialness of system security and employee security awareness.

Threats to data in computers, mobile devices, and information systems used by attorneys are at an all-time high. They take a variety of forms, ranging from e-mail phishing scams and social engineering attacks to sophisticated technical exploits resulting in long-term intrusions into law firm networks. They also include lost or stolen laptops, tablets, smartphones, and USB drives, as well as inside threats—malicious, untrained, inattentive, and even bored personnel. This translates into a variety of threats to intellectual property, confidential information, personal data, hardware, and software.

There is a further risk to those who fail to protect their property or client data when they fall victim to an attack. Increased global cyber regulation through the New York SHIELD act, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and the huge fines that will be imposed on those who do not comply, mean that businesses could potentially face bankruptcy from penalties. They should obtain expert help now to ensure they meet the new uprated standards.

Together, JDL Group and New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) are putting continuous efforts to secure law firms and solo practitioners. We provide all types of System Security and training services customized to your needs. Our service portfolio includes:

  • Advance end-point protection for desktop, laptop, mobile, and servers
  • Network and Application Firewall
  • Website security
  • Wireless Network (Wi-Fi) security and performance enhancement
  • Computer and email encryption
  • Compliance assessment and Remediation
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Third-party Vendor Assessment
  • Employee Security Training
  • Dark web data leak monitoring
  • Identity and Access management using Two-Factor Authentication
  • Cyber Insurance assistance

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