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Artists Expect a ‘Long Journey’ To Establish AI Protections

Attorneys are just beginning to navigate the head-spinning legal and business challenges emerging as generative AI technology disrupts the way books are written and illustrated, pictures are painted and films are created. “We had two strikes this year and it will be a long journey. The dialogue is ongoing and we must be vigilant,” said … Continued

Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Legal Profession

Panelists at a New York State Bar Association conference predicted that lawyers who are in charge of high-level legal strategies for clients have nothing to fear from artificial intelligence, but the jobs of attorneys who conduct the research and draft the legal documents will change dramatically. “The battle won’t be between humans and AI but … Continued

The Roots of Abuse: Expanding Vicarious Liability for Sexual Harassment, Assault, and Abuse in Women’s Soccer and Sports

This article appears in the Entertainment, Arts, & Sports Law Section (EASL) Journal, a publication of the EASL Section. For more information please see NYSBA.ORG/EASL. Ninety-three percent of athletes experience sexual harassment, sexual assault, or unwanted contact during their times in sport.1 The majority of those sexually harassed or assaulted within their sport identify as women.2 While … Continued

New York State Bar Association Is Studying the Impact of Facial Recognition Software on Individual Freedom

The New York State Bar Association is examining the legal and ethical implications and the impact on personal freedom of corporations employing facial recognition software to ban their adversaries – and every lawyer who works for a firm that represents them — from entering sports and entertainment venues. The association’s Executive Committee on Wednesday launched … Continued

Communication, Relationships, Trust Are Key to Successful Negotiations

Communication, relationships, and trust are key components to successful negotiations, according to three panelists from the sports world and a former FBI hostage negotiator who spoke at the  Entertainment, Arts & Sports Law Section panel “Approaches to Negotiations in Sports, Entertainment, and Other Universes,” which was held during the New York State Bar Association’s Annual … Continued