Practice Area: Ethics

Ethics Opinion 1206

Topic: Litigation Financing Digest: A law firm may not refer its clients to a company providing litigation financing where the sole owner of the company is married to a lawyer who is “of counsel” to the law firm. Rules: 1.8(e); 1.8(i); 1.10 (a); 7.5(a). FACTS 1. The Committee has received an inquiry from a lawyer … Continued

Ethics Opinion 1205

Topic: Government Employee Negotiating for Private Employment Digest: A lawyer serving as in-house counsel for a federal agency may not negotiate for private employment with an organization that is an adverse party in litigation before the agency where the lawyer is participating personally and substantially in the litigation. Rules: 1.0(l) & (n), 1.11 FACTS 1. … Continued

Ethics Opinion 1204

Topic: Law Firm Letterhead Digest: A law firm that has purchased a retired (and now deceased) lawyer’s practice may list on the purchasing law firm’s letterhead the name and dates of operation of the former law firm. Rules: 7.1(a), 7.5(a) FACTS 1. The inquiring lawyer is a member of a law firm with two offices. … Continued