Practice Area: Ethics

Taking a Closer Look: Assessing Biometric Authentication

In health care settings, biometric authentication is often used to streamline the patient registration process by minimizing paperwork and improving patient intake to ensure secure, precise health care service delivery.[1] Notably, Elmhurst Hospital, the Mount Sinai Health System, New York University Langone Health and other hospitals in New York have integrated biometric authentication technologies into … Continued

Using AI in Your Practice? Proceed With Caution

To the Forum: Our firm was recently retained to handle a highly complex commercial action. The client is extremely cost-sensitive and asked that we do our best to keep costs lean wherever possible. We have been working on this case for several months, and the client has already asked for several discounts on their bill. … Continued

Much Ado About Nothing: Flirting With Changing the World’s Oldest Privilege

William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” interweaves themes of infidelity, deception, mistaken identities and (most importantly for this article) various plays on the words “noting” and “nothing.”[1] Many of these same themes (especially the last one) swirled around a recent case that went up to the U.S. Supreme Court with great public hullabaloo. The case … Continued

Bias and Fairness in Artificial Intelligence

An attorney has taken on a multifaceted case and can’t decide whether to use artificial intelligence to meet discovery demands involving 100,000 sensitive documents. While AI can save money by selecting only the most pertinent documents, the lawyer does not want to risk the client’s privacy by exposing sensitive documents to AI’s DIALOG DTE computer … Continued

New York State Bar Association Is Studying the Impact of Facial Recognition Software on Individual Freedom

The New York State Bar Association is examining the legal and ethical implications and the impact on personal freedom of corporations employing facial recognition software to ban their adversaries – and every lawyer who works for a firm that represents them — from entering sports and entertainment venues. The association’s Executive Committee on Wednesday launched … Continued