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The well-being of attorneys is critical to the effective practice of law, the public trust, and the culture of our profession – all of which make it of paramount importance to the New York State Bar Association. Being a lawyer is personally and professionally rewarding, but it also is stressful, exhausting, and taxing. Every lawyer “knows” that taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is important to our well-being, but  manifesting that self-care in the midst of a fast-paced, relentless profession feels out of reach for many of us.

If you have a well-being question, contact Well-Being Program Manager Jennifer Clayton, [email protected] or 518.487.5573. All communications are confidential.

Additional resources regarding attorney well-being can be found on the Practice Resources page.

Upcoming programs will be posted soon. For a calendar of additional NYSBA programming, click here: NYSBA Events Calendar

Emotional Wellness

Finding the Compassion Balance Mindful Lawyering & Vicarious Trauma
This program will help lawyers find the “middle” – thereby remaining present in their bodies with self-compassion, while learning the boundaries and skills necessary to withstand vicarious trauma (compassion fatigue).

Vicarious Trauma is Real
Dr. Kerry O’Hara, Psy.D. explains vicarious trauma, or compassion fatigue, that is a trauma process that occurs over time when an individual is exposed indirectly to the suffering of others for whom they feel responsible. Dr. O’Hara will help participants develop the resiliency skills to manage this in a balanced way.

Mindfulness for Lawyers in a Time of Stress
Learn how to use mindfulness to improve your immune system and calm your fears, while also maintaining social connections via electronics to prevent loneliness. You will also learn how to control stress and in turn improve productivity, creativity and the ability to uphold your ethical responsibilities as an attorney.

Attorney Wellness/Substance Abuse in the Legal Profession 
Thomas C. Nicotera, Esq. | Lawyer Assistance Committee | Albany
Paul W. Van Ryn, Esq. | Maxwell & Van Ryn, LLP | Albany

Physical Wellness

Occupational Wellness

Women on the Move 2020
Practicing Law with Mindfulness- This panel explores the impact of uncertainty, stress, depression and anxiety on the mind and the body. You will learn how to maintain their physical and mental health using mindful practices

Financial Wellness

Intellectual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

Environmental Wellness

Social Wellness

Podcast Episodes

Please click on the links below to listen to each one individually.

Mental Health And Wellness In The Legal Profession with Hon. Karen Peters and Libby Coreno | Gold/Fox: Non-Billable

The Case For Attorney Well-being: A Profession In Change

Who Are We Anyway? Exploring The Realities and Challenges In The Culture Of Law

The Mindful Minute: Quick Tools and Tips To Add Mindfulness Techniques To Everyday Life

Staying Connected: Meaning and Purpose For The Senior Lawyer

The Physical Addiction To Stress: Fighting As A Way Of Life

NYSBA’s Lawyer Assistance Program

Accessible 24/7 through our confidential hotline: (877) 772-8835

The LAP Hotline is a free confidential service provided to members who are seeking assistance with challenges such as depression, anxiety, burnout, alcohol or drug related concerns, and other mental health issues. When a caller contacts the hotline, a trained mental health professional answers the call and provides immediate support. For NYSBA members, a referral to a professional counselor will be provided. The caller can receive up to four free counseling sessions a year. All communications with the LAP Hotline staff are strictly confidential.

For questions, or to speak with someone from the Lawyer Assistance Program directly, please contact the director, Stacey Whiteley at 518.487.5688

Additional Support

ABA’s Attorney Well-Being Committee
Resources, education and leadership on well-being topics.

ABA’s Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs
Hotlines, resources, publications and events related to substance use and emotional health issues.



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